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Using React, I did the front end of a credit card score-evaluation App for evaluating the credit capability of a user. This project was done for the Hackathon BBVA 2021, the front end makes a request to a lamda function in AWS, it is deployed using AWS-Amplify

  • AWS-Lambda
  • AWS-Amplify
  • React


This project was build for the Cardano Hackathon Hack-Cardano 2021. It is a video streaming dApp that mints NFTs, we used as storage service STORJ, a decentralized plataform of storage, as well as IPFS for the image of the NFT. I set up the database-API of users as well as The Smart Contract for minting the NFT and the front-End of the App.

  • React
  • MongoDB
  • Cardano
  • Haskell
  • NFT


I've worked with a range a technologies in the development world: from Algorithmic Trading, Artificial intelligence, Back-end, Front-end, and smart contracts.

  • Front-End

    Experiece with
    React.js and Next.js

  • Back-End

    Experience with
    Node and Databases

  • Blockchain

    Experience with
    Cardano Block-Chain smart contracts

  • Algoritmic Trading and AI

    Experience with
    Python libraries like Pandas and TensorFlow.
    Experience with APIs of centralized exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Crypto.Com

  • Programming languages

    Experience with
    Python, JavaScript and Haskell.

About Me

I started my PhD in Maths in 2019 but pandemic changed my life for good, since being able to work from home allowed me to explore all the new techlogies arising right now. In 2020 started my jorney in development, first making trading Bots for exanches like Binance using Artificial Inteligence and Algoritmic trading. Then I starting learning more about Block-Chain and Web development. I am a problem solving person who likes to learn all the time, but also very empathetic and social.

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